THE BUG RANGERS MOTTO: Trust your friends, family and yourself even if you make a mistake. And always try to help others that are in need.

BUG RANGERS is an animated TV series based on the lovable characters we first introduced in 20th Century Fox’s successful home DVD series. Now the gang has returned for more high-octane, action adventures; guaranteed to keep kids glued to their seats and bubbling over with laughter. They’re just like children everywhere, but with one small difference - they’re bugs who live under a seaside boardwalk! 

The story revolves around a group of best friends, Squiggz, Cosmo, and Flutter who spend their time buggin’ on down the boardwalk of life. Every day is the first day of summer and every night is filled with carnival lights and excitement.

There are fifty-two, eleven minute episodes currently in production, that will soon be ready for world wide broadcast. Each episode is loaded with butt skidding action and lightly-spiced, silly humor that speaks directly to the show’s 4 to 9 target age group. Any lessons our bugs learn along the way are subtly and humorously woven into the fabric of our stories. 

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