SQUIGGZ is the Bug Rangers‘ leader. He is also the most daring, and the most prone to overconfidence. He’s an imaginative, loyal and devoted friend who would never knowingly lead his buddies into a risky situation. However, he often does just that by not thinking things through.


COSMO, the brainy and brave one of the group, is an unabashed nerd. He’s addicted to gadgets. He can invent anything out of the junk he finds and hauls back to the clubhouse, which is now overflowing with his stuff. His continuing ambition is to get as many merit badges as possible. 




FLUTTER is fast on her feet (though not always nimble) and an even faster talker. Whenever faced with a crisis, she's usually the one that comes up with a unique way out of the predicament. She has an infectious laugh, and she’s always eating healthy foods. Well, as healthy as a bug can eat.